Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Police raided Universal TV station in Mogadishu.

Members of Somali Police Force raided the station of Universal TV in Mogadishu on Saturday and clashed with security guards of the TV.  The police officers were among the tax guard unit, according to security officials.

Editor of Universal TV in Mogadishu Abdullahi Ahmed Nor told kulmiye News Network that the police officers enter the gate of the station using force and started fire when the TV guards tried to stop them.

There are no casualties, but there is a heavy damage on the TV equipments that leads to stop on air programs.  

“Officers dressing police uniform and on board police vehicle enter Universal TV station using force. A man with no police uniform was leading and he told us that they are tax guard police unit.” Abdullahi Ahmed Nor said.

 The presidential guards of Somali military intervened the fighting and arrested the police offer.

“There is no casualty, but there is damage and destruction on the TV station. Live programs were halted and now we are assessing the damage” Nor added.

There is no comment from the police officials about the TV raid.

Media Director of Somali presidency Abdinor Mohamed Ahmed criticized the action took by the police officers and identified as brutal.

Ahmed said in a statement published on his Facebook account that the action will be investigated as soon and responsible officers will be persecuted.

“I am criticizing today’s attack on Universal TV and it was very bad action and will be investigated soon” Ahmed said I his Facebook post.

Journalists and media houses in Somalia are targeted by both Al-shabaab and Somali government soldiers. And the country is one of the lowest free of speech ranks in the world.

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