Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

100 women have benefited from surgery in Mogadishu

Ministry of Health & Social care of The Somali Federal Government has completed a campaign of over 100 women in the Maternal Obstetric Hospital, which has been conducting treatment and care for the sixth Ministry of Health in Somalia.

Implemented by Daynile Hospital, in collaboration with UNFPA and Physicians across Continents Pac.

The Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Dr Fawziya Abiikar Nur, addressed at the closing ceremony of the campaign saying "We are proud of the Ministry of Health to celebrate and see the joy and happiness of more than 100 Somali women today returning to happiness and smiles for the lack of evidence. And I will continue to hope for the creation and the reunification of Somali mothers who are suffering from the complications of the mother”

The Somali health minister also praised the staff that worked for this program, and praised the doctors and engineers from Sudan for the good of their campaign.

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