Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Bursalah street will construction says Haafe,

Governor of Bursalah District of Mudug region, announced that they will soon begin to implement a Road, which will be held in the  Bursaal District.

Bursaal District Deputy Governor Bashir Mohamed Guuleed (Haafe), who interviewed Radio Asal Correspondent Abdirasheed Abdullahi Warsame, recently visited the District, said it is planning to launch a Road on Central City.

Bashir Haafe, said the construction of this road was co-sponsor of the administration, the public, businessmen and community members who were outside the country, and they had entered into an agreement with the company.

On the other hand, Bursalah District Deputy Chairman Bashir Mohamed Guled (Haafe) addressed the Principles of Security, Education, Health and Welfare during their term.

Bursalah district in the Mudug region has been nominated befor a ward  by the Puntland Government.

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