Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

British tourists asked to leave New Zealand after,

A group of British tourists, including children, has been asked to leave New Zealand after they were reported for shoplifting, littering, threatening locals, and causing chaos, New Zealand media reported.

The group made headlines in local papers after littering at the North Shore beach in Auckland, and threatening locals.

When asked by a woman to clean up the rubbish, a child in the group was seen threatening that he would “knock your brains out,” in a video posted on Facebook.

Later in the day, police was called in by the staff at a Burger King outlet in Hamilton who complained that they were causing a ruckus.

They have been spotted in a number of cafes and restaurants in Auckland’s central business district, and businesses have complained that they walked out without paying or abused their employees.

A woman from the group was convicted on Wednesday for stealing a Red Bull, sunglasses, and rope worth NZ$55.20 (US$37.41) from a petrol station.

They have 14 days to appeal to immigration on why they should remain in New Zealand, no later than 28 days to appeal to the Immigration Protection Tribunal on humanitarian grounds.

One member of the group, however, told reporters they would cut short their trip and return as they felt “unwelcome” in New Zealand.

(Source: Reuters)

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